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So, not I have another Chocolate Stripes questions as to history. I recently purchased 12 tomato seedlings from one of the persons mentioned in one of the above posts, seeds having come from Al Anderson. One of the plants is Golden Stripes, which is supposed to be "the original" Chocolate Stripes.

What is the history of Golden Stripes? anyone know? I bought my Chocolate Stripes seeds directly from Al Anderson, drove up north from where I live and picked them up! He told me he has a grower/farmer and an outlet for selling the seedlings. I've now met that person. His tomato info was interesting, but if reputations are 'foggy' as to the background on some of the tomatoes, I would love to hear what anyone here knows of these 2 tomatoes, which one came first and anything else on the actual history.

And flavor/growth/disease & health issues of Golden Stripes too. I love learning all about my 'little tomato babies'. Can't wait to start eating 'em!
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