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You have my situation almost exactly (here in Indiana 5b). But I've got perhaps a bit more room. I start my plants in my wife's sewing room where we have a home made plant stand that I built 40+ years ago. I get one shelf; she gets three. But... I move the plants into the attached garage in March. I have a south-facing window + T8 lights on pulleys that I can raise and lower easily. Then about April 15th, the plants go to the cold frame -- a Juwel that I got at Amazon several years ago.

Not cheap, but very well built and should last my lifetime and then some. Normally, I can get by with using several gallon jugs of hot water at night on very cold evenings. I get my first Red Robin cherry tomatoes in May, so this system works well for me. It includes the automatic opener/closer, and that makes things a lot easier to manage.
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