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When I told people at work I was going to the party. I think some of them thought it was a bit nutty. Today, I showed people at work the photos I took of the tables of tomatoes. They were actually wowed by them, and seemed to more understand that it was really a TOMATO party. I had a wonderful time and would drive it all over again to attend.
I'm still surprised though how willing Gary was to go. Slowly over time I've been converting him into a gardener. I don't know if he'll ever be as nuts as me!
Another tomatovillian, Mark Korney, and I are holding our first tomato party a couple Saturdays from now. I don't think we will have such a nice display of so many tomatoes as you all did, but I think we are going to have a great time. You did make me think I should post about other things to do in the area on our forum so if people are thinking of coming up this way, even at another time, they will have ideas of what to do.
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Yes, we have a great party for WNY/Ontario tomato growers every year on Grand Island!
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