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I grew three dwarfs this year, a hot, dry year and had no issues with mold on them except for one. Somebody suggested thinning out the inner growth and I also removed the later bottom suckers. That seemed to work for Sweet Sue, Rosella Purple and Yukon Quest.

Going to try more dwarfs next year.

I have grown a PL called Baby Wine this year and the previous one that was much wetter than last season with no disease issues at all. I grew another, Cherry Brandywine PL that lasted healthy until this week!

It may depend on your yard's particular conditions as to whether you will have mold etc or not. I am finding that a bed with an overhanging bank of Fir tree branches seems to be a mold problem area as it repeats there but not elsewhere in the yard.

Many people have trouble with blight on this coast and create roof structures to keep their plants dry, ventilated and blight-free.
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