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Default When to start eating fresh garlic

I planted 300 garlic in early Nov 2018 ( 5 per 11 litre pot )

It is wayyyyyyyyyy too much ( I thought many would die )

Now the 290 or so that are still alive are bulbing up.

I would say less than a Golf ball size but wont be long before they are that size I guess and I read they end up a good size bulb all being well.

Anyhow I figure ALOT will go to waste if I wait for them to reach full size.
Sure I can dry them out but there are only so many you can get through before even dry ones go bad.

So I was wondering if I can simply start picking them now and just use them fresh straight from the garden ?

Im not even sure if they have divided into cloves, how they will taste or anything really. It is my first year growing Garlic ever.
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