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Default Container newbie observation...

Interesting being somewhat new at containers.
A few years ago I stuffed in some toms in 7 gal tree pots in the driveway...
(too many starts without a home)

They did great. Nice snaking and good harvest even in the forest. But a bacon strip
of all day sun was observed so I went for it. Still at it. I do have to observe the suns
postion and slide them every once in a while, every one/two weeks, but no biggie....

Then I started lots of herbs on the deck just outside the kitchen. 6-7 hours sun so not
Fast forward, I have about 36 dwarf/micros on the deck doing great.
(tested a couple last year by bring a couple in late August on the deck bench)
They get lot s of attention daily, early morning with coffee, late at night with deck lights.

Some of the 'winter-grown' have exhausted themselves going on 9/10 months now, so
I thought to 'let them go' and re-use the bags. Massive roots. probably way too small
pots but they gave a great harvest.

The plastic nursery pot, same variety, same sow date, has a much smaller root mass.
Pretty impressive for a newbie. I'm sure most already know this. but for others with a
deck/smaller growing situation, it works better than I would have thought.
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