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Default 2017 Container Garden-Tijuana, Baja California Norte, México

Starting a new thread to document progress.

Some work put in this weekend.

Two ends of my new wires, 4 total, about 5 m length each, 1/8 inch galvanized
one end of the wire.png
the other end of the wire2.png

Here are some trusses and assorted greenery, somewhat muted and upset after getting a dose of Copper fungicide early this AM.






truss 6.png







Tumbling Tom doing well in a 1 gallon pot, new home soon.

tumblin t.png

A trio of Pravda
3 pravda.png

Dora, outstanding flavor

Fish L. Oxheart, Detskij Sladkij, OR117 (I hope they do great, last year it was like eating mangos)

Fred's TD and others
fredstd and others.png

L to R, Fred's TD, Bushy Chab., Czech Bush

Gribovsky sharing home with Pink Gaetano
gribov and pgaetano.png

Harding x Choc Cherry

MoCross Elgin 9
mo cros elgin9.png

More dwarfs
more dwarfs.png

More koroleva
more more more.png

MX Midget, Gribovsky, and lots of peppers
mx midg gribov peppers.png

koroleva with Donkey Ears and Serrano (overwintered)
qoroleva w peppers1.png

rest of the row
rest of the row.png

Stormin Normin, what beautiful trusses you have
stormin normin.png

Pepper seeds I rescued from a tray mishap, they germinated better than their tray coddled counterparts, and show nice vigor despite being out at nights from day 1.

Separating these shortly, with careful dissection of the roots to minimize shock.

Some rare ones in here, all will be labeled Chile Misterio, which in another context can be read as unknown father.
stray peppers.png

Detskij Sladkij, Sladjik Ponchik waiting for new home, a pepper and Tastywines on the right.
strays sladj detsj.png

Sweet Pepper, vigorous little plants. Can't wait to taste these and save seeds.
sweet pepper.png

Syrian Goat Horn
syrian goat horn.png

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