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Originally Posted by ginger2778 View Post
Usually every tomato is done by June, then I am starting new seeds at around the last week August, so 2 months? Cucumbers, chard and Okra do very well in the heat, and peppers limp along producing a little. Diehards even grow Everglades tomatoes here in the summer, they will set fruit, sparingly. I can't be bothered, it takes about 20 to make a spoonful, and the stem end skin tears when you pick them.
Some people grow in greenhouses that they actually air conditioning, but those are the pro growers. I would hate to see their electric bill, lol!
Good to hear. I'm considering a move to more tropical climates so I may join you in your Caribbean heat endeavors.

Those electric bills must be something.

Are there flowers that do well during those two months?

PS. copper has been working out great, I only fried them once when I got a little too generous with the blue stuff. At 50 to 75% strength, it's awesome.

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