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Default Microclover in the garden

Microclover is a clover plant produced by natural selection which grows very close to the ground and is very resistant to drought. It is a legume and in association with a bacterium, fixes nitrogen in it's roots. It's seed can be purchased and applied as a coated seed. The bacterium is contained in the coating and infects the roots of the clover after the seed germinates.

The primary purpose of the clover is to grow in association with lawn grasses. The clover provides the nitrogen to the lawn grasses causing additional fertilizers to not be required. It also has the ability to shade the soil preventing many weed seeds which require direct sunlight, from germinating.

I saw a film of a garden planted with Microclover with the actual vegetable garden planted directly into the clover. The garden was producing and growing very well with only the nitrogen provided by the clover. The clover also seemed to retard the germination and growth of weeds in the garden.

I'm curious if anyone can describe their experience with Microclover either in lawn grass sod or in the garden.
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