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Originally Posted by Rajun Gardener View Post
Holy Cow, the price is $89.95 a tree. I think I'm gonna try to grow out the seeds and see what it produces.
Only $55 per tree, with 4 varieties grafted onto it

or $25 for Flavor King

(Not recommending, just googling.)

I've been eating pluots for years. The best ones I ever had were at a community garden. Most of the garden was donated to food banks, including the fruit trees, but they covered the cost of water by renting out a dozen plots. I'd been composting the damaged fruit that fell near my garden until one of my fellow gardeners told me she cut off the bad parts and ate the rest. These were fully tree ripened, luscious and sweet and multidimensional (not just sweet). Really spectacular.

I've also had them at farmers' markets. Though a few pluots grow in my neighborhood, I preferred peaches this summer.
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