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Originally Posted by Lindalana View Post
My garden is going nuts as well. I think Dr Earth is good stuff but really overpriced.
I like being my own alchemist and create things on my own so I have lots of varied things, including my own compost and worm factory.
Was wondering to compare TomatoTone to Dr Earth products- anyone? It is double the price for sure.
I have done that, too. I have found that a mixture of fish meal and kelp meal works really well. I found a feed store that sold it by weight, so it was less expensive.

Chickity Doo Doo was really good. I just scattered the dried chicken doo doo pellets all over the garden. Unfortunately, I accidentally left the bag out, it rained, all the dried doo doo rehydrated , and became a big bag of doo doo. I won't make that mistake again.
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