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Default I tried a Green Basil plant.

Originally Posted by ChristinaJo View Post
Thinking of trying new basils. I don't like the heavy clove/liquerish flavored ones. I guess I like the sweet,fruity, and citrus ones.
So, what are y'all's favs in the later catagories?
I have about 10-15 basils here and there in the yard for butterfly and bees.The one that stood out and up is this wierd Green Basil that will not die,it bolts produces pods and pods of long flowers and is now about 4ft high.It has a almost mint/camphor taste that is refreshing to nibble on when outside but is not overpowering.The only basil that seems to fight off leaf miner(blotched)and white flies.It is also called Ram Tulsi and Holy Green Basil from what I gather.

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