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Default Changing Approach

Well my F2's have mostly come in and their consistency is amazing (I earlier described them as 'nippled', but when fully developed they are an oval.

All the fruit are all ovals and about 1-1/2 inches long by about 1 inch. The are all orange with the skins blushed with a red hue. There is slight internal wall thickness variation, but is slight enough that I decided not to differentiate on that.

So all my F3 that have produced tomatoes so far (Plants 1 through 5), I decided not to keep separately, but am fermenting them together.

The Jaune Flamme X Shannon (plant 2) F2, though it was the shape and size I wanted, and appears very productive, was red, was very juicy, and the fruit walls were thin.

I might grow some out in 2018 to see if I get any differentiation, but I am planning several different approaches now.

One of the problems I'm fight is the following 97L97 has high Beta gene with the modifier gene (for higher beta carotene, but is determinate (but is a paste type)

Jaune Flamme has the high Beta gene and is indeterminate, but does not have the modifier gene (and is not a paste type).

The high Beta gene is on the same chromosome as the sp gene (Determinate) so is 'linked' to it (and is close enough that breakage between the two is fairly rare.

I'm looking to develop a paste that is indeterminate, and has both the high Beta and the Modiere

First, I'm planning (Jaune Flamee X Shannon) X (97L97 X Opalka) (and vice versa)

Second Backcross to High Beta (Jaune Flammee X Shannon) X 97L97
AND (97L97 X Opalka) X Jaune Flammee.

Any thoughts?
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