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Originally Posted by Tomzhawaii View Post
Some 20 yrs ago, I was the same mainland tourist. Didn't have a clue. I worked as a contractor on boilers and overhead bridge cranes and got to fly to the major islands on a daily basis. Big change from a N.Y country boy.(upstate) I was suddenly a minority and had plenty of issues regarding that. However, I never missed winter. A year went by until I even thought about it.
As far as gardening. I was introduced to some awesome fruits that I never heard of. Lychee, is my favorite. The past 4 yrs have been a great lesson for my gardening skills. I enjoy the weather most of the time. The biggest thing was finding this site and all the real information that people share.
Thrips and Aphids are my biggest foes. All the other things are just about paying attention and making adjustments. I did find a few more Big Cheef seeds and will try again with them. Tennessee suited is coming along nicely. My eggplants are gaining strength and will get a weekly dose of Neem oil.
Anyway, I hope your day is going well. And your health lets you get out and enjoy your garden.
Aloha sir !!!
Heres a picture of paradise
It's beautiful.
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