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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
I see your green house has a nice smooth floor to make it easy to get around in high heals and an evening gown.

You bet. If there was ever a place for such a drafty garment as a dress it would be that greenhouse today, 85F in the shade and I just spent 3 hours on soil prep out there in the sun. Pity I smashed my toenail while cutting a snag a few decades ago, have not been able to wear the dainty shoes since then.
The floor usually gets a few adjustments every spring as the smaller rocks do work their way out or get snagged by things being dragged around. But injury has got the best of ambition this time. The chip rock is actually quite deep and the best stones are quite large boulders that are just flat on one side, they never budge. All the stones are flat one side and came from here on the property, no shortage of rocks. If I had a glass of wine I would raise it now and toast the fine men who helped me build that floor in exchange for dinner and drinks - Kurdish friends I met while teaching esl. Very fine folks indeed, it was quite a piece of work!
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