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My rack looks just like luigiwu's, except white rather than chrome. A 4 lamp T8 fixture just fits between the uprights and will cover two 72-cell starter flats or one plus a 18 pot case. I use two 6500K and two 4800K lamps, though I don't really believe the spectrum theories rampant among the whacky growers.

The rack is up all the time but I only mount the fixture in late Jan early Feb when I start the slow C.chinense varieties and it goes back in its box when everyone is planted out (or in my case potted) around the end of April. Then the rack will go outside for cases with up to 6" pots. These racks have adjustable shelves so last year it was able to host plants 2' tall.

The attachment shows the setup in action last year. Kindly ignore the cat tail; I am infested with a furry pest.

Now, I have seen a freestanding light stand that looks like two uprights between which is suspended a fixture on pulleys so the height can be adjusted. But I think it only supported a 2' fixture, which is kinda pointless IMO. Nevertheless, you could cobble something together from 2x4s that would do what you want.

BTW, I have zero problem with "leggy" plants in my setup. If anything, most seem to want to spread and luxuriate instead of shoosting up into the sky.
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