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Originally Posted by MsCowpea View Post
Unfortunately, most hydro stores charge a lot of money for Promix. So do some comparison shopping.

Walmart is carrying a homeowner Promix line
in a red or yellow (organic) compressed package which makes
2 cubic feet for $12.88.
You could add a little more perlite for a higher porosity. And the pine bark if you can find it to put together Raybo’s 3-2-1 mix. I don’t know how the quality compares to their professional line of potting mixes like Promix BX
(Popular with EarthBox users) or Promix HP (more perlite for higher porosity).
+1 shopping around hydro stores. Hydrofarm is a distributor of Pro-Mix so ask the store about that first; that has saved me so much time rather than explaining. Hawthorne Gardening Company is also a dist, but they are owned by Scott's Miracle Grow and as a preference I don't. The mom n pop hydro shop near me knows I don't spend more than $60 bucks a season, so I will ask for old bags and give me discounts. I have been in the store when a lady casually ordered $15k+ for her cannabis operation, so they want to give her the newest, best looking stuff.

Also, no shipping fees at hyrdo stores. In my part of Los Angeles, Pro-Mix BX is $25 to $30 at a hydro shop. I paid almost $50 (before covid) for myco+fungicide for the standard 3.8 cuft bale, which I only use for starts and will last a long time for me.

I have four Earthboxes and I use the Raybo mix now, but don't see the results I had when I had Pro-Mix many years ago. Plain o'l Pro-Mix BX is what I am planning to switch to if i really want to spend the $25.

Saw an open bag of the walmart Pro-Mix and it looked pretty close to Pro-Mix BX, just a few more short, narrow sticks really no big deal, in fact people like the tiny bit more drainage they provide. I wish I had the presence of mind to take a pic to compare.
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