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Originally Posted by dshreter View Post
Mark, how did you decide on grow bags and fertigation as your method? I see a lot of the very large scale indoor commercial operations are taking hydroponics approaches, so was curious where that is practical, and when watering is best.
Grow bags are cheap, we do mostly use hard plastic pots. Tried Smart Pots, and others too.
I use Pro Mix because I get a deal on it since we go through so much. We grow everything in it for the business which tomatoes are a small part of.

Our state Agronomist set me on my current path several years ago.

I can't hand water a bunch of plants, when March hits our death march goes until about this time of year, then we can take a breath. We walk 20-35k steps a day for over 100 days straight. lol

I have friends up here that grow too, we all have our twists, Bill grows in Rockwool, Arthur adds perlite to his HP, the next guy hydroponics, etc, etc.

Much of this stuff is trial and error/ stumbling forward, we won't reinvent anything, most likely, but a spin on some stuff is fun.
super easy, the least of my growing issues in a season.
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