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Default Non sprouting seed

I had a cross from last year of one of my lines (grape) and a hybrid cherry. I had gotten 10 seeds which I was pleased about as I find cherry tomato crossing very difficult (I almost always break the pistil off of the female flower).

The seed seemed fine, but when I planted this spring them, I got no sprouting at all. All my other seed in the same flat germinated well (with one other exception, as it was very old seed, but even in that case I still got a few plants). Has anyone else seen this using crosses of commercial hybrids? I even thought about whether it (the hybrid) had a terminator gene, but I thought there had been a commitment to not have those in released seeds.

I'm not going to get a definitive answer why my seeds didn't sprout, but it was curious for me, and I wondered if anyone else had seen a similar result.
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