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Originally Posted by Marek Kvapil View Post
Carolyn, thanks for reply. I think I had done no editation of my two last comments, but it is not important...

Back to my question: So are there 17 proven species of tomatoes, or 13 or how many? According to the latest research. I am just curious:-)

Carolyn, I do not understand your last sentence in your last comment. Is it a question or advise or just a claim or what do you mean? Please, could you clarify it to me? Thanks, marek
Last I knew there were 17, but I could only ID 14. There were pictures of all 17 somewhere, but I don't know where and no time to Google either.

(How would you order seeds from TGRC, as you said above,when you now know from what I posted earlier that you have to fill out an application first, and then verify what you have bred,etc.)

Nothing I haven't said before since you don't ORDER seeds,you fill out all those papers and let them decide if your background in breeding tomatoes is consistent with their guidelines in which case they will approve your application and request.

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