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Originally Posted by ginger2778 View Post
does your sprayer and get a residual residue that won't come out?
After spraying, I rinse the tank out with hot water, dump and fill partway again, and then spray under pressure to clear out the line. I do still get some residue in the tank, but I have never had any issue with it clogging after rinsing. I always use lukewarm water for application, maybe 110 degrees. I use a fine mist so it is cool when contacting the plants.

I first heard about karanja when fighting a bad infestation of spider mites. The neem alone would kill 99% of them, but they would eventually rebound. One application with half the neem oil substituted for karanja and I did not see another one for the entire year. It works!

I think a lot of people try an off the shelf neem oil from a big box store (chemically extracted) and then say "Neem doesn't do anything". It needs to be cold-pressed, and if the bottle doesn't list the azadirachtin ppm, and the seller can't provide any proof, buy something else.
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