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Default Not so original salsa fresca

There got that out of the way, this salsa will get very wet, the juice is as fine a beverage as you will ever taste. Put it in a shot glass and sip, or make some kind of martini.

The amounts on everything are whatever you want, its different every time.

Tomato, chopped. I usually try and have a couple types and colors, but the backbone is almost always sungold.
Red onion finely chopped
Garlic finely chopped/minced
Jalapeno or other hot pepper finely chopped adjust to your preferred heat level
Juice of lime, go a little heavy on the lime juice.
Splash very good olive oil. This adds a richness that is missing without it.
Cilantro optional.

Let it sit a while and the heat from the peppers will distribute, making a most pleasurable dish.

We have this with chips for summer supper.

I may have to liquify some and make a whole batch as juice......
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