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Originally Posted by Tomzhawaii View Post
So here's a quick update.
As my peppers and tomatoes began blooming, I noticed a falloff of the leaf colors. I have been using the 3 liquids, as best as I can. Still not happy. I finally broke down and added cal- mag . Boom... getting green and pepper flowers a plenty. Tomatoes also. I will pickup my new toy. A ppm meter. I've read so much and want this garden as a hobby. Not an obsession. But as many of you know.... it is what we make it. My last thought is... ohhh it's on now. Aloha
I really like my hand Blue Lab PPM, EC meter. They are super easy to use and easy to calibrate. The Trunchean is good too. The Hanna's are good but they need to be calibrated more often and are a bit more finicky.
Good luck
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