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Default Check your runoff.

Originally Posted by Tomzhawaii View Post
So, I got my ppm meter. As it turns out. I am killing my pepper plants. The U.H. tomatoes are still hanging in there. 1st tomato has BER. Go figure ... I'm hoping that plenty of cal-mag and cold water will turn this around for the best. P.S. my reading was 2300 ppm.
As I started getting more comfortable and educated with my ppm meter. I learned something important about controlling the nutrient level in a container. Since my system is reciculating I can check the runoff ph & ppm. O.M.G. it was thru the roof 2500 ppm & 5.0 ph . Everytime I add nutrients, it acts as a multiplier to my readings inside the containers.Even as careful as I was about following a schedule, it's all in the flush. This would explain my trouble with growbag style plants.
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