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Freezing tomatoes is a wonderful way to capture the fresh tomato flavor quickly, though they are suitable for only certain uses. You also need a good amount of freezer space! My technique was simple - pick perfectly ripe tomatoes with no bad spots (preferably no severe cracks) - wash, dry, and put them in freezer bags in a single layer (or freeze them on a cookie sheet in a single layer then bag them in zip lock freezer bags).

For use, just run them under warm water, the skin slips off, cut out the core - and drop them into soups and stews. The flavor is great for up to a year - the texture goes south, so they really can't be used fresh.

We also can (into quarts) and use them all year in soups also. Canning is much more work than freezing for similar use - if I had a large freezer, I would likely freeze instead of can!
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