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So the bagged Salad Mix sold well. I only had enough cut greens to make 5 bags, so thats what I took. We sold 4 of the 5 bags. I think it really comes down to the fact that customers dont like to buy the last of any item. No big deal. We brought it home and lunch included some of the greens.

So now I am onto my larger and improved salad bed. A 4x12 bed loaded with seed from corner to corner. I have been watering 3 times daily, to encourage germination. Long term I have no intentions of being tied down to watering manually, especially knowing that as soon as the heat ratchets up, im really going to have to stay up on the watering. On a side note, all the watering has paid off, Im already seeing germination.

After this mornings market, I went to Lowes and picked up some circular mister/sprayers and spray stakes.

These sprayers do the trick. Next purchase is shade cloth.
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