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Default Saturday's NORCATT plant swap - 11 AM Rockridge

Kristy, Angelique -- feel free to check out my list above (albeit short); I'm happy to leave some plants with Bruce to hand off next week, assuming he's okay with it.

Bruce -- Taxi and Quedlinburger baby plants and Indische Fleish seeds -- you got 'em! Anything else?

I'm a little overwhelmed by your (Bruce's) and GTG's lists. I plan to discuss with my partner in crime and send you a list of desired varieties (how many are you willing to part with?) tomorrow. I have a friend who adores Odoriko and Momotaro, but I typically avoid growing hybrids, as there are so many wonderful OP varieties I've not yet tried. If he *really* wants to grow them himself and you're game, I may ask for them to share.

I can't find the scoop on Earl's Faux, even tho I read a description (from ? Craig? ) a while back; ditto Grub's and several others.

More soon --

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