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I have been expanding my perennial edibles sections every year. Started off with Rhubarb, Oregano, black currants, a pear tree and an apple tree.

Added a plum, cherry & hardy peach, blueberries, raspberries, 2 grapes, blackberries, a large strawberry patch (renew it every spring with runners & pull out the oldest plants), an asparagus patch - in its 1st year, so it will be another year before I can harvest. In my area parlsley, cilantro, dill, rosemary, thyme,mint &sage are all perennial (some more tender than others).

I also have a section for overwintering things that need to go to 2nd year for seed or size - parsnips, garlic etc. I often have accidental perennials (potatoes, tomatoes etc.) which get moved to wherever the main crop has been rotated to in the garden! I found last year that my brussels sprouts overwintered and if I cut them down, they go again! I pulled them because I had already started new plants - but this year may leave a couple to see what kind of a crop i can get!

From what I hear tomatillos will reseed easily if you give them a spot of their own.
I just wish I had more room! And a new digger (husband is tired)!!!
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