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I found a site for EarthBox

A sight that shows info and pictures of EarthTainer but I haven't found one for sale. I'm guessing they would cost about the same?

I can't afford to spend that much - unless I quit eating

About Grafting - I was wondering if I could buy any variety that has FFF,N in it - or are there certain varieties better than others? I'll use these as examples:

Amelia VR Hybrid VFFFNTSt Packet (10 Seeds)
Dixie Red VFFFNAStTswv Hybrid Packet (10 seeds)
Mountain Merit Hybrid VFFFNTswvEbLb Packet (10 seeds)

Those are at the Seeds N Such site.

I forgot to add, after over 3" of rain, there is another plant wilting due to the Fusarium. That answers one question I had -
No, you can't foliar feed and water a plant infected with Fusarium.
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