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Thank you.

Do you put your new batch into the same soil? If so, do you do anything to the soil? I have peppers in containers. EarthBoxes, actually. And can just install a new plastic mulch cover.

I have read that peppers develop resistance to copper, and the new recommendation is to alternate copper with biosides (AgriPhage, Serenade, Seaweed etc) + Phosphorous Acids(Excel LG, Agri-fos ets.)
Serenade + Copper is considered fine too.

I did some culling of the most infected ones, removed all infected leaves from the remaining peppers, gave them MiracleGro to revive quickly, sprayed with Mancozeb+Copper.

Lately our night are below 61F, and this is considered unfavorable for BLS. No new infection yet.

Interested to hear about resistant cultivars, how they are holding in home gardens.
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