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Originally Posted by Labradors2 View Post
Wow! They are pricey! Only 10 seeds for $5.

I haven't tried any of them, but I would recommend Maglia Rosa and Blush from Artisan Seeds. They are my favourites and you get 50 seeds for $5 (which includes the shipping).

They are pricey, but most are OP, so to me it's a one time investment, and I don't mind if it's a really good one, which is why I am seeking reviews first.
Thank you for the suggestions, I love reading other peoples experiences.; I have tried Maglia Rosa, but it didn't produce enough to bother with for me. I do enjoy Blush too, and have saved seeds. If I had a larger garden it might have made an every year appearance, but for now its on rotation, and I still like to try a few new ones each year, for fun and variety.
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