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Brought it up to the modern age so I dont have to mess and fool with it as.much.
There is a hardware store I go by every day and I picked uo a gauge a weight and a steam tube for the All American and put on it.
The lady tried to tell me I needed the one for the National Presto for National canners.
By the time I gave her the history of the company and the canners over the phone she was baffled.
Right now I am doing as dry run to see where I need to set my stove.
Yes I know it is at 15 pounds but that is were I will cook at not can.
Works great at a little over medium heat.
I will also compare the new gauge with the old one.
I have to say the old one I think is better.
I have tested and calibrated one heck of a lot of gauges in my life ones far better than these.
The old one is as smooth as can be and as I said can be calibrated me thinks.
The weight jiggles for about 30 seconds stops for about the same time and starts again.
One of the reasons I am doing this is so people can get a play by play and not be scared of pressure canners and canning.
The weight gives me a redundant safety too.
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