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I make fresh fridge pickles at least once a month and often every weekend.
Very easy but best to find your own style by experimenting. We like crisp, fresh, and not
at all sweet or overly salty or mushy.

Good in just a few hours or up to a week-10 days. Eaten fresh as a snack or added to a
salad or slaw, chicken salad, tuna salad. A sandwich. We most often use for a burger or now in a winter warm slaw.

Small sauce pan, cup of apple cider vinegar, cup of water. Add tsp whole peppercorns, coriander seed, mustard seed, a few bay leaves and some hot pepper...flakes, whole fresh habanero, or dried birds eye...any you like. fresh garlic...etc. No rules. (i just don't care for the jared mixes with clove or cinnamon or whatever is in that). a bit of salt and a tad of sweet...we don't care for sweet pickles so i add just a bit of maple syrup or honey. Add more for a sweet pickle.

Turn off heat and cut your veg and pack in a ball jar. Cucumber, carrots, (peeled) and sliced in sticks or rounds. Onion slices, fresh garlic, radish slices...even golden beets.

Pour cooled but still warm vinegar with all its addys over the veg that is packed into a ball jar or two. Into the fridge lid off overnight. Once cooled cover.

That is a fresh fridge pickle and can be customized to your own taste. Good for a week or more but not enough salt or preservatives for much longer. Just use fresh.

+carrots need peeling, even organic, as the vinegar starts an odd reaction and the 'skin' turns brown pretty quickly.
+All radish i've tried are fantastic except the black radish. They will clear a room for some reason they transform into the scent of a barnyard of fat pigs. Wet compost, garbage truck, old garbage. Weird.
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