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An update that I don't have any survivors from these plants, except for two which turned out to be a
straggler vine type shrub that grew tall and and flopped over, covering every plant in it's way.

I have tons of horseweed in another area - sand by the lake. There is so much weed seed that as soon as it gets pulled, a new forest pops up overnight.

The last pic, the talinum limon did not survive the season, but seeds were acquired via swap and I still have them reseeding in a pot bring out in summer and I overwinter in the house. They started reseeding in another pot this summer, but it was too biologically active having been sitting in the ground to bring in.

I came back searching posts for the name (again) to see how to start them indoors. Harris Seeds is selling 100 seeds for $18.99. I must have $200 worth in my vacuum cleaner bag. Its just beautiful in bloom. Thank you, friend, for the treasure !

- Lisa
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