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Originally Posted by ginger2778 View Post
Bill have you ever tried the self watering containers? My Earthboxes have a 3 gallon water reservoir, and the overflow spout is 3 inches off the ground, they have a solid bottom so bad things can't get in, and because of the overflow spout, it's impossible to over water them. The plastic comes in white if you want to keep the pots cool, and other colors too, and it's a non degrading plastic, people are getting over 30 years out of them so far. So you only have the expense once, and that have sales with free shipping several times per year. I never have grafted, and nematodes and fusariumarea non issue.
No I haven't. I have read about them and they sound like a good alternative to large buckets and pots which require so much attention down here in the summer heat.

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