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Originally Posted by Father'sDaughter View Post
That's a beautifully set up garden, Salt! I hope you do find a way to keep using it.

Self watering containers were on my list of possible solutions after I finally faced what was really wrong with my plants. What stopped me was the need to invest in enough boxes to grow the number of plants I want to grow, then invest in the stuff to fill them with, then fill them, then find a place to put them...

After I researched grafting, I realized that if it worked, it would be a cheaper and easier way to keep using my already set-up and filled raised beds.
Thank you. That is a wonderful compliment.

I agree with you. I'm in the same boat. Grafting is making more sense to me too.

Cost is very important to me because I'm not the one working for the money to pay for the changes. Jan does not like tomatoes as much as I do, and that is part of the decision/s that I have to make. She is 'very' interested in raising chickens and maybe a few rabbits. The 45' x 45' main garden is fenced and would make for an excellent chicken pen. It will cost money to add some chicken wire to the lower part of the fence, but it would make her happy. We have all the materials to make a chicken house. Besides, chickens eat insects and deposit fertilizer.

I have a lot of raised beds and 10 acres to grow tomatoes and vegetables. As long as I grow a bunch of cherry tomatoes our 4 year old grandchild will be happy He loves cherry tomatoes. Most of the rest of our extended family does too.
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