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Originally Posted by Fred Hempel View Post
The 15 would be evaluated as F1 hybrids. This is what we essentially do these days. However, we do sometimes grow out F2s from the best F1s (to create more true-breeding lines).
Are we close to the release of some of your new hybrids?
Are you seeing lots of merit to the hybrid approach, re: combining traits in an F1 that you (maybe) couldn't easily accomplish in a stable OP?
I must admit I haven't been wowed by a lot of earliness heterosis, in my breeding experiments. It hasn't turned up frequently put it that way. Being a much touted example, I found that a bit disappointing.
OTOH I am having lots of musing about taste and other traits heterosis along the way.
Don't forget, none of my few crosses are even stable yet, so I am years away (or decades, ;or light years ) from coming to any kind of conclusions.
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