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Default Cherokee Purple Issues

Hi All!

I purchased a CP plant from Home D last month & it seemed ok. I’ve never grown a CP, but fully expected “normal” tomato growth.
The leaves were pretty normal looking (except for an interesting faintly purple tint to the veins) I transplanted it to a bigger cow pot & all seemed well...except a leaf or 2 had a little “roll” to it. I had read somewhere that CP may have that happen, so no worries.
Unfortunately, since it was planted outside (in a 10 gal grow bag) it has become really twisted, with purple veins & gnarly looking!
The weather here in SE La., has been a bit inconsistent—60/75/80 degree days, with nights ranging from 40’s to 60’s w/some serious rain once or twice to boot! This doesn’t seem to be bothering my Yellow Pear tomato plant which has the same growing mix, environment, etc. as the mutant plant from HD!

Does anyone have ANY idea about what this is? I noticed that even though the leaves are rolled & twisted—it’s putting out new ones (that seem to be in odd places along the stem), that thus far haven’t twisted/curled...yet.

Thanks for any input you can offer!





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