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Zip ties are great, but for connecting wire to wire you should try Hog Rings or Deckers Hump hog rings. They come in different sizes and are made out of thick copper wire. They will last longer than the plastic ties and are EZ to use. The tool to crimp them is @ $5, and a box of rings is about $4. You should be able to find them at a farm store. They are intended to be used to put in the hog's nose to keep them from rooting.
I have used these to make pens, cages, fence repair, everything except putting them in a hogs nose (although the tiny poodle was digging in the mulch the other day, Rudy, Rudy, cooommeeeeer rooooody).

Check them out, they are right up there with duct tape, zip ties, velcro, and coat hangers for uses.

P.S. I have never seen silver CRW, out here it is rusted when you buy it!!!

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