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Hey, Rodger,
My nickname at Tomatoville is now Liz. But, I am still Beth from Chapin.. I bought a new computer, and it was just easier to create "Liz" than try to find my old passwords,etc.
I bought some of your tomatoes at the April fairgrounds mkt. ALL are doing well, and yes, I gave up the containers and sterilized and went back to the ground.
Paul Robeson is such a good looking plant and Druzbah is pumping iron. Had a few probs. with aphids, but a good blast of water and some insecticidal soap solved that. I have used all kinds of mulch- manure, wheat straw, ground bark, compost... No signs of wilts or fungi yet; the nights are still cool and I have my fingers crossed.
I am not working July 18th. I would be delighted to help at SPLAT. I think I have your cell# on an old phone and I think I gave you mine. Let me know.
Lastly, are you and Karen grandparents yet?
Good to talk (kinda) to you..
Be well, Liz............ aka Beth
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