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Thanks to everyone who came Jim, thanks for coming Millard and Carl as always thanks for driving down and bringing tomatoes wish I had got to speak to you both. Holly your cherry tomatoes were great and again I wish I had sopken to you next time don't leave until you find me I look forward to each year to see and speak to everyone. everyone else I hope you had a good time . 99 people signed the guest list but probably 150 in attendance. The band decided to show to taste tomatoes and play some music. Unfortunately a few things went wrong. I made the tea but used the wrong dilution rate and it was basically colored water way too weak. Sorry, secondly I never assigned anyone to take pictures therfore I have no pictures to post. If anyone took some please post . Even with the heat I had tons of tomatoes for sandwhiches and there were three tables of tomatoes to sample. Thanks to everyone who brought tomatoes and I look forward to next year. Rodger
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