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Bok Choy has got to be THE worst vegetable for bolting at the drop of a hat (okay I forgot, Napa cabbage is the same family and even worse). Even if they grow to maturity properly there is a very small window between harvest time and oops time.
They did great for me indoors this year. In the past I've had them bolt while still small.
So what are the conditions that keep them from bolting the best?
- don't let them dry out, water daily
- don't crowd them, give them their 8 inches of space or individual pots.
- a shot of N ferts eg fish emulsion is the booster they need for vegetative growth after a few weeks.
- moderate temperatures, especially not too hot.
- don't like more than 12 hours direct light per day. Six is enough. (I read this online this year, and maybe what made the difference. Usually I'm lazy and just turn lights on when I get up/off when I go to bed so everything gets 16 hrs most of the time.)

Even when all these conditions are fulfilled they won't hold for long once they reach maturity it is bolt time pronto! I have heard that the hybrids are better for that, too.

Nan you should try Yu Choy Sum, a complete reversal of these issues:
- they like to be crowded and
- when they bolt, they're ready to harvest
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