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Those banana and kale rolls were dry enough but still elastic, so it was easy to cut the roll, it stored just fine in room temperature I don't like american type blueberries very much,taste is ok, but just sweet thats all. But I love polish wild blueberries [they are smaller, and purple inside, and more aromatic], and I have few bushes of jagoda kamczacka = kamtschatic berry [Lonicera caerulea L. var. kamtschatica], quite popular here, similar to american type blueberries. It's completly non problematic bush Mine are small but I think in few years they will produce lots of berries. People are making jams from this, especially with strawberries, or just eat raw, so I think skin leather would be good..

All mentioned vegetables were blended into one mass, right? I have powdered vegetables but never a mix of them, usually single herbs, or mushrooms. Interesting idea
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