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Default Rhubarb 3 June 2013 Rhubarb
The rhubarb from six plants was pulled and made into juice, mixing with one pineapple to ameliorate the sour flavour somewhat.The stalks were cut into short pieces, about two litres of water added to the pot containing one pineapple and cooked for about 15 minutes. The cooked mixture was blended using the hand tool to make the mixture homogeneous.Rhubarb is very sour and the pineapple helps modify the sour flavour.I don’t use crystal sugar or its substitutes.The cooked mixture was put through a food mill to separate out the rough cellulose. The output of the food mill was put through a Champion Juicer to extract all the nutrients.Seven litres was pressure canned at 15 minutes at 15 PSI, my typical procedure for long term storage. About two litres was stored in the refrigerator for immediate use. The total rhubarb used was 15 pounds and the pineapple was four pounds. Each litre of juice contains about 1.5 pounds of rhubarb.
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