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From what I read, there are over 40 farmer's markets in the Atlanta area. That's a lot to research. Like others have said, you need to know your competition. If you can find a product that no other vendor is selling, or find some way to make your product different, that is the easiest way to make sales.

As examples, many vendors at my market sell tomato plants in the spring, but I am the only one with dwarf and other rare heirloom varieties, which came from trades with the generous members of this web site. With pepper plants, I am usually the only vendor with super-hots and ornamentals. After that, I get a couple weeks of business selling dwarf sunflowers, which once again no one else sells at my market. I am now starting to branch out into dwarf zinnias and other, more unusual potted plant flower varieties.

It's important to focus on what will sell. I think a lot of plants look fun to grow - succulents are one example. But there is a member at my market who already grows them, and she probably has a 20-year head start on me in learning how to do so. There's no way I can compete with that, so I don't even try.
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