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Originally Posted by Black Krim View Post
How about BT instead???

I was thinking about giving a dusting to the stem to get thru the prime borer season. From what I have read, after the moths lay their eggs for the season, the moths die and that is the end of laying for the season. Just the maggot to deal with.

Sealing a wound with dirt seems counter-intuitive. My thought when I have read covering the cut with soil in a number of places is, dang, doesnt that intro disease into the wound?

Mensplace-- have you actually used tar?? Perhas any grafting goop would work???

I've never had any issue with disease after cutting out a borer and burying the cut. Even in spots where it's impossible to cover the wound in any way, the edges of the cut dry up a bit, but that's it. In both cases the plant just carries on like nothing happened.
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