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Originally Posted by Greatgardens View Post
Planning for next year... I've grown lots of micro-dwarfs, but few that I've tried are both early and sweet. I think I've found the premier large almost-micro -- Linda (Ukraine), but it tastes like a regular slicing tomato. Great for salads and a real treat after a winter of grocery toms. So I want something for my sweet tooth.

Maybe the sweetest I've grown is fully-ripe Rejina Red, but not especially early for me. Vilma is pretty good -- fairly sweet, medium early, and a pretty large cherry. Red Robin is pretty early, fairly large, but not so sweet (I think Vilma is a better choice for these characteristics). The "tumblers" can be large and sweet, but not particularly early. So I'm still looking!

Any you would recommend? Anything from Dan Follett's developing lines that fits this description?

Like Al mentioned in his post, I did find one that was sweet unlike anything I have ever tried. The Brix level on everything I tried from that plant was over 10, with most over 11. I have at least 20 F6s from that plant growing. At least half have ripened fruit and none have had a Brix over 6. They all have very good flavor to my taste, but nothing like their mama. I have two clones I started from cuttings off that plant that are just setting fruit. I also have a fair amount of F6 seed, so I'll keep trying.

That plant and one other - an F2 from the 13X line - are the two sweetest tomatoes I have ever tasted. I haven't found a duplicate of that one either...... yet.

I'd be happy to send you seed that I think has potential, but nothing I can give you any promises for.

Maybe by fall that will be different.....
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