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Originally Posted by NewWestGardener View Post
Steve, great site and descriptions. I want to buy some seed for my mom in China. Could you recommend a couple of varieties for containers for very hot summers (30+ C is the norm).

Thank you!

Most of the heirlooms will set fruit up to 30C if the humidity is not excessive, so I think the trick is to get an early start on the growing season and get the fruit set before the 30+ C temps and high humidity set in.

A few varieties that have done very well for me in hot weather when grown in containers are:

Floradade (det)
JD's Special C Tex
Super Sioux

I suspect some of the early varieties like Stupice and Moravsky Div would also do well and might be worth a try. They would set fruit before the heat gets bad. (For me, neither of these has great flavor - but they are favorites of some growers)

Also, most of the cherries do well in heat (relatively) and would make a good fallback crop.

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