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Originally Posted by dustdevil View Post
Sandhill shafted me last year when I put "no substitutions" on my order. Instead of refunding my money, they sent me a credit voucher for about $3.
Their policy is to issue credit vouchers. This information used to be on their website, although, in your defense, I couldn't find it just now. Perhaps that information got accidentally deleted or something when they were updating? At any rate, when I ordered, I was aware somehow that I would not receive a cash refund if I chose no substitutions but would get a credit from them.

As for my experience, I mailed my form and money order on 3/17 and received my seeds on 3/25. I was surprised, as I was fully ready to wait several weeks for my order to arrive. I had listed acceptable substitutions, but nothing needed to be substituted in my order.

So far, I've started some of the tomatoes and have gotten extremely rapid germination. Seed quantity is generous and exceeds what they promised. I got a couple packets of free seed as well.

I think that they're just very low-tech and I suspect that a lot of the complaints around the Internet about them being rude or condescending come down to not being savvy at communicating tone electronically.

They could use some help with their website, though, as it's way too easy to overlook important ordering information with the way the site flow is now.

Bottom line: I knew what I was getting into when I ordered from them, and my expectations were exceeded.

This isn't the place to order from if you need stuff on a strict schedule. But if you have the time to deal with the vagaries of a true mom-and-pop operation dependent on the whims of Mother Nature, it's a mission worth supporting.
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