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I don't think they are the most environmentally friendly by the look of it, if you consider the ethic of how bat guano and kelp may be harvested. Also kind of funny that they tried to trademark the word Probiotics, I'm not even sure USPTO even granted them that even though they put the TM logo on the word.

With that said I'm a bit hypocritical because I saw their stuff at Home Depot, so I'm giving them a try. I'm in the middle of the city and can drive 1hr to buy local compost and to get free horse manure, but it's such a drag especially without a truck.

I bought some of their potting mix soil, seems to be a lot of woodchips in it, and very heavy, but at least it doesn't have that ever lasting biosolids/amonia smell (or whatever it is) that you typically get from the "Vigoro organic" and MiracleGro bags, where the smell sticks to your hands even after washing. So my excuse is that I'm settling for the lesser evil. Also bought a bag of their 4-6-3 vegetable fertilizers, it's not the most impressive I've seen, but it is better than the rest of the selection at Home Depot in term of dry organic fertilizers.

So I will grow something in pots with Dr. Earth Potting Mix + 4-6-3 and report the results later in the season.
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